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Monday, April 1, 2013


Yep, I’ve been MIA for the last month. And it was nice. We had 4 close family member birthdays, Easter, several dinner parties (1 that I hosted), teaching preschool for a week, and a birthday party. It’s been a bit hectic. My little princes had a birthday, and wanted to do a Barbie butterfly popstar party, with purple, pink, and sparkly for the colors. Plus, she’s been really wanting a wedding dress for her and her Barbies. So, I’ve had a few projects in the works.

Wedding Dress

This dress is still a work in progress, but you can see her Barbie had a pretty dress too. I’ll figure out what to do and show you later.

Barbie Clothes

So I got the main ideas for these dresses online. Belle was here, Ken jacket was here, wedding dress with train was here, wedding veil here, and the ball gown here. Poor ballerina, with only 1 foot.

Wedding Couple

Barbie even has a bouquet she can hold. Don’t worry, Ken is barefoot. I think he came with flip flops that have since been lost?

Dumb Cricut

To prep for the party, I used a Cricut, with a brand new blade, to cut out bunches of purple & pink butterflies, and yellow stars. The dang thing ruined half of them! Argh, I get so frustrated with those machines! I hung those all up with fishing line and sticky tack on the ceiling.

Party Decor (7)

We made flower balloons to hang up, but used push pins to get those to stay in the ceiling.

Party Decor (5)

I used streamers from the dollar store, and cut out some big stars and spray painted them with metallic paint for the other wall.

Party Decor (4)

We bought dollar store fairy wings for all the girls, and the 2 boy cousins got SWAT helmets. Tricky planning with boys!

Party Decor (3)

For party games, I printed a Barbie butterfly picture at Staples, and had them do an engineering print. I only did 18”x24”. Then we colored it.

Party Decor (6)

I picked up some jewel stickers and some foam butterfly stickers while waiting for it to print at Staples, and they were blindfolded and had to stick a jewel on the wings.

Party Decor (1)

We decorated these cardboard butterflies I got at Michaels, and some microphones. If there were more reading kids, we would’ve done some Karaoke.

Party Decor (2)

My cute husband was the star. He painted all the kiddos faces when they came in. Butterflies and Star Wars (for the boys).

Party Decor (8)

He also made the Barbie butterfly cake. Let’s pretend I have a nice pretty tray for it, mkay?

Party Decor (9)

All in all, she had lots of fun! She got even more Barbies too. Maybe I’ll post more now? We’ll see….

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