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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine’s Day Manicure

…and some cheapola décor for your home!

Remember my French Tip Manicure tutorial?

DIY french tip nails (8)_thumb[2]

Well, here’s my Valentine’s Day spin on that fabulous manicure.

Valentines Day Manicure from The Crafty Cousins

Follow all the directions in the above tutorial, then add hearts to your nails.  I put them on my thumbs and ring fingers.

Here’s how I did the hearts:

Put one small drop of nail polish on your finger nail.

heart step one

Add a second drop.

heart step two

*Carefully* drag a toothpick or a pin through the one of the drops to make a diagonal line.

heart step three

Do it again with the other drop.

heart step four

Fill it in, and you’re done!

heart step five


Valentines Day Manicure from The Crafty Cousins 1

Valentines Day Manicure from The Crafty Cousins 2

Isn’t that fun?!

I think so!  :)

I didn’t do anything crafty for Valentine’s Day this year.  I just recycled what I did last year.  I still love it!  It was fast, cheap, and easy!  My kind of décor!  :)

valentine's day decor (24)[3]

Check out my tuorial here:

valentine's day vignette_thumb[4]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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