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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Wackiness

So this is an idea I’m trying out, but I may not even like it. Or you won’t. So we’ll see if this lasts. Mkay? I thought some Wednesdays, I’d highlight a favorite thing I wore this week. Just for fun. I don’t have any rules like Nat’s thing, but it’ll just be stuff. Mostly clearance, some stuff I’ve made, or thrifted, but mostly just whatever. It won’t be Sundays, it’ll be whatever day I liked the outfit best…I’ve been uber busy the last few days with a crazy project that hopefully will be finished tomorrow. We’ll see….Then you’ll see that. It’s pretty awesome if it turns out like it looks in my head. Anyway, onto the awkward self portrait.

Purple Lace (1)

So this is after church, with a cold, but whatever. Favorite thing? My new iPhone 5. Besides that? The pink polka dot case. Okay, what I wore. That purple lace top. I got it from Gordman’s on New Year’s Eve after my friend wore a red one and I asked her where she got it. Then I went and bought it in purple. Justification? I NEEDED a purple shirt. That’s all I used to wear, but I phased it out to where I don’t have a single purple top. Crazy. Anyway, the rest of the outfit is a white shirt from DownEast, silver sparkle earrings from Target (years ago), skirt is from Dillards (clearance, of course), black hooker boots are from DI (years ago for a Halloween costume), the tie clutch I made (which actually got tons of comments at church that day), and the bracelets are from Charlotte Russe. Oh, I’m also wearing purple fishnet tights from Target (clearance), but sadly you can’t see them. Hopefully I’ll get better at pictures with my fancy phone?! Hee hee.

What do you think? Should I do this regularly, or at least as regularly as I feel like?! Smile

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  1. I love the tie bag but I have to wonder, how in the world do you get to go to church with a bag that small?!!!!!


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