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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lacey Boot Cuffs

This don’t even deserve a tutorial, because they were so easy and fast to make. Basically I woke up just before a Christmas party Saturday morning (everyone slept in since we forgot to set alarms) and got ready, and decided I wanted my boots to have a little more pizazz. I went to my sewing room, pulled out some elastic lace, cut a piece the same size as around my calves, and then sewed it together like a bracelet. Then, because the elastic isn’t even in the center of the lace, I can have a longer ruffle, or a shorter ruffle, and tuck the other part into my boot.
Lacey Boot Cuffs (2) copy
Here they are! And here’s what they looked like:

Remember I told you we did family pictures? It was right after the Christmas party. Here’s a close up

Just for a bit of fun. Do you want some more inspiration? I’ve pinned these in the past to Pinterest.

These lace boot toppers and

these sweater boot socks are both from Rubee Lane. I pinned them because I wanted to remember them in the future, but it’s a daily deal site so these aren’t there anymore.

Do we all remember one of my biggest pet peeves with Pinterest? When you click on the picture and it doesn’t take you to the right spot? This one took me to a Tumblr page with no words, just pictures. There’s no way to even look it up! So I did another Pinterest search and found that it links to a knitting pattern here. That only took me 15 minutes *sigh* Then I went and edited my link to take me there too.

This is from a hilarious post by Jilly & Mia. I was laughing.

C’mon. I dare you. For Christmas?
Anyway, go find some sweaters, old shirts, lace, trim, and buttons, and you’re in business!!
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