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Friday, December 14, 2012

Fab 5 Friday!

K you remember I mentioned my crazy idea of making all these princess dresses for Christmas? Well, here’s my follow-up.

The Belle Skirt.

The Belle top, with a brooch from their great-grandma.

The Cinderella dress, complete with black choker.

The Snow White dress,

with a cape/collar that removes.

It makes me tired looking at all those dresses! That’s just this past week and a half people! These were all from Instagram (@ashleejuanita), and I’m halfway through the last dress. Phew! So here’s my inspiration this week.

I love seeing Kara Paslays designs, and this contemporary wreath is awesome. At first I thought it was book pages, which would be awesome too! Go here to check it out.

I kinda love all the colors and patterns in this room. I wonder if I could get the hubby on board…..

This salad from Emily Jones Design looks delicious, and she says she uses it as a light meal between brunch and Christmas dinner. Yum!

I’ve been more conscious about what I wear, and I’ve been uber inspired by lots of these outfit pictures. You can look at my Fashion & Jewelry board if you want to see more, but I love getting new ideas of putting my clothes together! This is from Fashion Worship. I’ve been thinking about doing a favorite outfit each week, like Nat does with What she wore Sunday, but what do you think? Anyway, good luck with the last minute shopping! Smile

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  1. Amazing job on those princess dresses! I know some little girls who are gonna be beside themselves when they see those!


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