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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Sweetest Halloween Candy


Of all the Halloween costumes I’ve ever made, this one is my absolute favorite:


This was Monkey’s first Halloween.  He was three months old. 

…and just to be silly, I made these tee shirts for the Hubsters and me:


Since the Hubsters is such a “Big Hunk,”  I had “Reese’s Pieces” and became “The Milky Way!”  I was nursing…yes, I know, inappropriate, but it was really funny.  Ash’s and my grandma laughed hysterically, so it must be okay!

Anyway, the Reese’s Pieces costume was really easy.  All I did was cut two rectangles out of orange felt.  I cut all the letters and candy out of different colors of felt. 

I used spray adhesive to keep the letters where I wanted them then sewed them into place.  Oh, yeah,  I sewed the letters and candy to one of the rectangles that became the top of the costume.

Next, I placed the top of the costume on the other orange felt rectangle.  I sewed the pieces together, but I left Monkey a neck hole and some arm holes.  The blue lines are where I sewed.


It was a fun, fast, and easy Halloween costume.  For the Hubsters’ shirt and mine, I just used a freezer paper stencil and paint.  Easy peasy.

I know that in my last post, I said I was a Halloween cheapskate, and I am.  But, I got thinking about it, and I have made a bunch of Halloween costumes.

I’ve made a lion, ninja, frogs, and a dinosaur out of a hoodie and sweat pants.  Similar to this:


I’ve also made cowboy costumes, pirate costumes, an 80’s punk rocker costume, a pumpkin, Harry Potter, a hippie, Oscar The Grouch, Buzz Lightyear, and much more.  I guess I’m not a complete Halloween cheapskate, I haven’t made a Halloween costume for a while. 

Well, there’s still time this year.  I’ll let you know if any of my kidlets want a homemade costume.

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