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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tulle Pouf Ring

Tulle Pouf Ring (14) copy

I saw a bow at church that inspired this ring. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard to recreate, and it turned out fun! And since I had scraps of tulle and ring blanks, it was free! Talk about a statement ring! Ready to make one?
Tulle Pouf Ring (1)
You’ll need some tulle in color of choice, felt in matching color, and a ring blank. You also need a hot glue gun and scissors. Cut a bunch of circles out of the tulle.

Tulle Pouf Ring (6)

It’s easiest/fastest if you fold it and get a bunch of layers to cut 5-7 out at a time.

Tulle Pouf Ring (8)

I don’t know how many I cut, but maybe 20-30. Then, cut out the felt in a circle that fits on your ring blank.

Tulle Pouf Ring (7)

Tulle Pouf Ring (9)

Your circles do not have to be perfect!

Fold up your circles and glue it to the felt.

Tulle Pouf Ring (10)

I did it folded in quarters and just glued it to the middle of the felt circle.

Tulle Pouf Ring (11)

Be really careful, it’s super easy to burn yourself on the glue since tulle has so many holes. Keep layering it until you have a nice, full pouf.

Tulle Pouf Ring (12)

Glue your felt to the ring blank.

Tulle Pouf Ring (13)

It probably looks something like this now.
Tulle Pouf Ring (4)
A little crazy and uneven.
Tulle Pouf Ring (3)
So, take your scissors and cut it to a nice round shape.
Tulle Pouf Ring (5)
And your pouf ring is finished!
Tulle Pouf Ring (2)
I wish ring blanks came in smaller sizes, but I just wear them on my index fingers so they kind of fit. What do you think? By the way, there’s some super cute ring blanks over at The Plaid Barn right now!!

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