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Friday, August 17, 2012

It’s Friday, I’m in Love

Today I get to see Nat! Woohoo! That only happens a few times a year. Sad, I know. But we get to play tonight! And whether or not she’d tell you, she’s been working around the clock on at least 2 weddings!! Meaning bridesmaid stuff, veils, gifts, etc. She’s slightly crazy, but mostly awesome. So, here’s my picks from blogland this week.

Yep, I’d like longer lashes please. Have to give this a try! Over at Fashion Indie.

Oh man. Want. Doesn’t it just sound like a fun grown-up s’more? Over at Mommy’s Sweet Confessions.

Maybe I’ll have to try this reward system in conjunction with my chore/allowance thing I posted about the other day. Over at Counting Coconuts.

I thought this was a cute idea for road trips. Have the kids do a scrapbook/memories book along the way! See more about it over at Martha Stewart (who else?!)

When I saw this, I immediately started a mental check of our supplies to see if I could whip up a batch. Stat. I don’t usually like bark, but this pretzel, chocolate, caramel creation looks awesome! I think I’ll have to make a practice batch (or ten) for Christmas gifts. What do you think? Over at Mama Say What?!

So there you go. Hope you have a great weekend! We get to go do more work on a house we haven’t lived in for 2 years that just doesn’t want to sell *sigh*. Wish us luck!

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