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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bold Stripe Shirt Refashion

I’ve been going through all of my clothes and if I haven’t worn them recently, and it’s in season, it went into a box to either DI or refashion. Here are 2 shirts I decided to refashion.Do your shirts tend to shrink up? Get shorter or something? These did.
Black and White Stripe (12)
Now, if you want to try something like this, it’s important they’re either the same brand/size shirt, or match in size/width so you don’t get weird bunching and such. Does anyone remember my Britta shirt I refashioned here? I did the same idea, but more bold, and I did horizontal stripes instead of the diagonals.
Black and White Stripe (5)
First, I chopped off the bottom of the shirt that I wanted to be the mail body. I left about 1” at the V so I’d have room for the seam allowance, and it didn’t look weird. Make sure your line is straight! Next, I started chopping up the stripes. I just went with the width of my ruler (5”) because I’m lazy cool like that.
Black and White Stripe (4)
Once I had my stripes, I laid out my shirt to see if I liked the overall look. (make sure you know which side is front and which is back. The seams are usually a little different!)
Black and White Stripe (6)
Then, I matched up seams and middles and pinned the stripes together.
Black and White Stripe (9)
The double pins are to keep my seams going the right direction. Then, you sew. Be careful while you’re sewing so you don’t stretch it out and make wonky seams. (true word, for real) Press the seams open on the inside
Black and White Stripe (10)
And then topstitch on the outside with a double needle and the colors of thread (or just sew twice if you don’t have a double needle)
Black and White Stripe (11)
I like to wash it to make sure all the threads and what not are off. So here it is with my newest pair of cut-off shorts (I was so sad to see those pants go *sniff*)
Black and White Stripe (1)
And from the side:
Black and White Stripe (2)
And with some of my favorite new pants:
Black and White Stripe (3) copy
So what clothes need a facelift? This could make a cute skirt too!
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