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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Britta, Unfiltered

So, lately, I’ve been feeling a bit underwhelmed in the creative area. I had ideas, but no motivation/time to do anything about them. Finally, last week, I just started going, and refashioned a couple of shirts for me. I went through my closet and got rid of a garbage bag’s worth of clothes, and got another garbage bag’s worth of clothes to refashion or give away soon. So, I decided to get cracking.

Anyone watch Community? We love that show. On this episode, I was seriously laughing so hard…I was crying! Love it. Anyway, amidst all the chaos of the alternate realities, I really liked Britta’s shirt, so I found a picture and pinned for a future time when I felt inspired. Which is now.
Britta Shirt (2)
I have 3 shirts that I bought once upon a time because they were long enough for my freakishly long torso. Seriously. My BF in high school was a good 6” taller than me, and yet our hip to shoulder bone measurement was the exact same. Short stubby legs with a freakishly long torso. That’s how I describe myself in my dating ad. Anyway, these shirts were great, so I had bought 3, and now, they just aren’t cutting. They aren’t as long as I remember, so I decided to fix that.
Britta Shirt (4)
Started off pinning the bottoms so they were nice and lined up.
Britta Shirt (5)
Figured out about where I wanted the stripe-y thing to go.
Britta Shirt (7)
And tried laying the shirt flat. You see how it doesn’t want to be flat? Yeah, that’s called a badly made shirt not cut on the grain/bias correctly. It makes it sit all funny, and all 3 shirts had that problem. So I smoothed it where I wanted to cut as best as I could.
Britta Shirt (8)
And sliced it in half. Diagonally.
Britta Shirt (9)
Then laid it on the other shirt and lined up sides as best as I could to get the line angles the same. And cut.
Britta Shirt (11)
And did it on the bottom part of my stripe. Then I laid it all out to make sure it would work.
Britta Shirt (12)
I found the middles and side seams of all my pieces and marked them.
Britta Shirt (14)
Then, I pinned it so my side seams/middles were matching, as best as I could, (right sides together!!)
Britta Shirt (16)
and sewed it together, with a 1/4” seam allowance. That was just my preference, you do what you’re comfortable with, but then cut the seams down to about 1/4”.

Britta Shirt (17)
Now, turn it inside out, and press your seams open.
Britta Shirt (18)
I liked the look of stitching on the outside, so I pulled out my double needle, and threaded each needle with a matching thread for my shirt.
Britta Shirt (19)
And then sewed on the outside, lining up the seam with the middle of the presser foot.
Britta Shirt (20)
Just to compare, the top seam doesn’t have any top stitching (that’s what the double needle on the outside is called…It’s on top/outside of the garment), and the bottom line does.
Britta Shirt (21)
One thing I learned while sewing is to make sure not to do a drastic point on the side seams, cuz it will look funky and lumpy when you finish.
Britta Shirt (22)
This is just before I fixed it. It had a bit of a weird bulge when I tried it on.
Britta Shirt (25)
Don’t mind the awkward cell phone pictures. I actually wore this shirt Saturday (and got my neck fried outside) while working on a project that I’ll show you soon! But I forgot to get a picture…
Britta Shirt (1)
Using the rest of the lighter blue, I added a strip of green to the middle, but it’s not as long, so I’m going to figure out some way to add more length to it. More to come!
Britta Shirt (23)
Notice I did the stripe so it was wider on one end then the other? Just for funzies.
Britta Shirt (24)
So do you have any shirts you’re going to chop up now? Are you going to pay more attention to the clothes they’re wearing when you watch TV/movies?:)
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