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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Fourth!

I know, it’s not for a week (or holy crap, it’s only in a week?!?) depending on your perspective. But I made these yesterday, and I thought they were too cute not to share!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (10)
K, before I go any farther, you have to not judge the VERY dirty patio. And the bright sun. Because it’s a basement apartment, it’s either full sun, or no sun. So we took pictures first thing this morning=full sun. Plus, the owners are landscaping, so all the rocks and dirt you see will be gone tomorrow! Woohoo! I’ll post a picture of it when it’s done and beautiful!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (1)
Anyway, I used this tutorial here from Lil Blue Boo and it was so cute and fun! The red striped fabric is an Old Navy shirt I had hanging in my closet that I just wasn’t wearing. So I thought it would be awesome for the 4th!4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (4)
I raided my stash of fabric (seriously, one of these days I’ll show you how bad it is) and I pulled out the turquoise knit shiny fabric and the regular ol’ white knit. The base and waistband of the skirt are a black or dark navy blue and white fabric.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (3)
Whoa, kind of a scary face from number one, huh? The skirts turned out a bit big. I made #1’s the same size as Lil Blue Boo’s and it was probably about a 5T. I made #2’s smaller, just guesstimating, and it’s probably the right size for #1, so 3-4T. I have them safety pinned on them right now, so these bad boys will fit for a few years, at least!
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (2)
See poor baby eczema on her neck? We finally got into a dermatologist for this week, so hopefully that will start clearing up. She hasn’t been strangled, I promise.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (5)
They love the twirliness of the skirts (what, it’s a word!?)
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (6)
Oh, dirty chairs.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (7)
Ring around the rosies
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (8)
I need to get #2 a cuter shirt to go with her skirt before next week.
4th Cascading Ruffle Skirts (9)
But they love them, and I love how fun they turned out!
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  1. I love the skirts and the adorable bows in your girls hair!


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