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Friday, May 18, 2012

Blog land Fab

I have been working on a refashion the last couple of days….It seems like an epic fail right now. We’ll see. If it turns out as awesome as my crazy head envisions, I’ll be so excited! If not, I’ll hide my head in shame.
On to the fun stuff. Things I’ve pinned this week. What about you?

Want. Now. From Back on Festive Road. Isn’t that gorgeous?

I pretty much {heart} those pillows, the colors, and the quote signs. From Susie Harris Blog

Tip Junkie shared a TON of Father’s Day gift ideas here, and I think  this tree is adorable!

Unfortunately, this pin goes straight to where it’s downloaded, instead of the regular site, but what a great idea? Thankfully my kids haven’t started school, so I can actually try it!

Made these. Yum. Loved them, thanks Sew Dang Cute Crafts!
Any fun things you’ve pinned? Or made? Let’s see them!
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