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Monday, May 7, 2012

And I was like…What the heck?

So, the other day, I was listening to my oldest babbling and playing with her dolls. She was narrating everything. You know how that goes, right? And in the middle of the story, she says “and the girl walks in the room, and says ‘what the heck?” I started laughing so hard. Can you guess what I apparently say a lot? She’ll throw it out in the most random ways and it always catches me off guard. That girl. Keeps me hopping. The other day, she told me she wanted her room pretty. So we did.


Last summer, she helped me paint all these frames. They match all the colors in her room. The fish thing at the top left is something my hubby carved and painted a long time ago. Same with the CTR gold leaved thing at the bottom. And the funky green art next to it. Anyway, she helped me paint a bunch of frames we had and we put pictures of Jesus, LDS temples, and our family in them.

Wall Decor

I made both of their christening/blessing dresses, so I have them on pretty hangers, and they are hanging right by their beds. All of this is above the couch in their room. Like so if you’ve forgotten:

Avalon polka dots (1)

Which I threw a green bedspread over the couch and it made it look a lot more fun in there. I’ll show pictures of that when I get it to stay how I want. Remember the tree in the corner?


It’s inhabited now. And they have a moon shining down on them.

More owls

She told me they keep the monsters away because they stay awake all night. Hey, whatever works!

Now, I’m going to leave you with a quick, fun craft we did yesterday that she loved and has already asked to do today!Candle Warmer art

Anyone have a candle warmer that hasn’t gotten much love since you got a Scentsy? How bout a bunch of crayons? Wax paper? Okay, you’re set then. Turn on the candle warmer.

Melted Crayon

Put wax paper on it.  Color with crayons on the heated part.

Melting crayon

Make all sorts of cool designs and pictures.

Window art

Hang them up on the window and let the light shine through your creations! Then, light your Scentsy cuz melted crayon wax doesn’t smell as nice as cinnamon rolls. Or grapefruit. Or summer breeze. Or whatever!

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  1. My four year old says "What the....." just like her daddy.


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