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Monday, April 9, 2012

Our new House!

K, I don’t have much time, so I went through and snapped some pictures really quick, and I’ll do a quick walk-through picture tour of the place we’re renting. 2 rules. First, No judging. Second, no judging. It’s barely been a week, most of the furniture was already here, and we have a lot of crap.  So without further ado, I give you our house!


This is what you see when you walk in our door. (it’s in the backyard, and that’s our main entrance.) We’re getting ready to eat lunch. The table & chairs aren’t ours. There are 2 doors to the back left. One goes to this:


Which is my daughter’s self-proclaimed bathroom. That closet right there is used as part of my pantry (there’s not a whole lot of storage space.)


I used a ton of command hooks. Love those things. These are all our cooking things, and small appliances. The other door off the kitchen goes to this bedroom, which will be our craft room/office area. It’s my project this week, so remember. No judging.


We’ve been going through boxes today, so the girls brought in a table of theirs to keep me company, and there’s a bunch of empty boxes by the door.


You can’t see it, but in the corner to the right, there’s a lot of their stuff there to work around. K, off the other side of the kitchen is our family area.


You can see the armoire is ours and holds the TV, and the rocking chair was one I redid last year, and the couch and other stuff isn’t ours. In this room, just to the right of this picture is this:


They had a buffet that I’m still figuring out what to do with it. It’s kind of a catch-all right now. The door goes upstairs to the owner’s area, and you can see the fun Easter wreath I made on Friday. Right by the buffet, to the left, is the laundry area.


I’ve started organizing it (see the shoe holder for all the cleaners?), but there’s not a lot of room or storage, so we’ll see what I do. K, down the hall we come to our bedroom:


It makes an L shape, so when I’m sitting at the desk (like now), I can look outside. Gorgeous day today! The desk & chair was here, but there’s only 1 drawer, so we put our filing cabinet on the side, with crap on it, and a short shelf to the side, which was what you saw as soon as you walked in, so I put a tablecloth over it and the pretty vase of grass. My hubby built the bed & nightstands forever ago. Then, we walk in, and to the left of this picture there’s a little sitting area.


I refinished that chair last year, the table and lamp is theirs, and the other chair is waiting for me to refinish it. To the left is our closet. Oh, I love this thing!!! First, the hubby’s side.


Then my side. Remember, don’t judge. I have A LOT of shoes. And clothes.


Yep, 3 shelves worth of doubled-up layers of shoes. Still a work in progress, like everything else Smile Walking back down the hall, there’s a closet of storage, that’s currently holding blankets, rags, towels, and décor that we’ll decide if we want to hang.


Then, turn the corner, and walk down the hall to our bathroom:


You can see the door is shut, so I took a picture with the mirror reflecting the shower. It’s one of those deep bathtubs. So nice. The problem is, there’s only 1 drawer each side. All the storage is here:


across from the water closet. They are deep shelves, and tall, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it easy to find everything…


See that towel rod? Yeah, it popped out when I was hanging up my towel this weekend and landed on my toe. Hurt (and bled) so bad!


Okay, right by the bathroom is the girl’s room.


They already had 2 twin beds & the loveseat here, so we rearranged things to have the sleeping/reading books area, and then behind that is the play area:


with the other not-used twin bed. Maybe in the future. That way the mess is out of sight…Here’s their closet:


Yeah, huge again. Farther down the hall, there’s a closet that I decided to use for my food pantry. Yeah, it’s pretty far from the kitchen, which is annoying if you forgot the baking powder, but everything is a work in progress.


Then, there’s the last room. We’ll use it as a storage room, but I haven’t had much chance to go through everything yet, so it’s a catch-all right now too.


And there’s our freezer:


So we are thrilled to be able to have our own place again and be settled for at least a year. We know we have a year living here, after that is up for discussion. We’re hoping that’s plenty of time for our savings to recover and for our house and business to sell so we can move on and get our own house. Yeah! Wish me luck, I still have to find some necessities!Smile

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  2. Congrats on the new house!

  3. Unpacking is one of the toughest tasks of moving in to a new place. Your house looks good, and, in no time, everything will fall into place. Good luck with all your plans and congratulations for your new place. ;)

    -Richelle Jelsma


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