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Sunday, April 1, 2012

DIY Invisibility Cloak

Hi there!  It’s great to see you again!  Before I start this tutorial off, did you get a chance to enter the What I Wore Sunday link party?  No?  Well, then, I’ll just wait while you enter!




Back already?!  Thanks for going to our par-tay!!

A few weeks ago, I saw these on sale and knew I needed them for my five little guys.


Even though the were 50% off, that was still more than I wanted to buy.  I mean, I wanted FIVE of them.  So I did what any frugal cheapskate would do.  I scoured the internet until I found the perfect fabric.  I found it and made the cloaks myself.  It was so easy.  This is how I did it-

invisibility cloak


I got a screaming deal from the fabric shop, and they’re offering special discounts for Crafty Cousins readers.  Score!  More info on that in a bit.

I love this fabric.  It is so soft, smooth, and silky. 

hand 1

I started off by cutting out my pattern.  Not gonna lie.  That was kinda tricky.


This is what your cloak should look like at this point.


Huh.  That’s really hard to see.  Hang on.  I’ll draw it out for you in Paint.


There ya go. 

Once your cloak is cut out, serge or zig-zag stitch your raw edges.  I had to buy special thread for these cloaks.  They gradually turn invisible so that you can still see what you’re doing while you’re sewing it.  You know…in case you mess up!


There is the thread--not yet invisible.  After I serged around the raw edges, I pinned them down to hem the edges.


I used a spool cone holder on my sewing machine so that I could use a spool of the thread to finish off the hem.


I used this stitch for added strength and security.


I just LOVE how they turned out!


I love that I was able to make them cheaper than I could buy them.

boys 1

The best part?!  My guys LOVE them!!  (you can’t see the other two boys in this picture, but trust me they’re there!)

The downside is that sometimes I can’t find the boys, but at least they love their new cloaks!

Guess what?!  That totally awesome fabric store is offering Crafty Cousins readers a special discount on the supplies for this cloak.  The fabric is 40% off, and the specialty thread is 30% off.  Just enter the coupon code CRAFTYCOUSINS in the promo box at check out.



to buy your supplies!

Happy shopping!


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  1. OMG! This is the funniest blog post/tutorial EVER! I wish I was so clever! LOL Thanks for making me smile today!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. This is so cute! I love it too! :) I can't wait to show my kiddos!

  3. That's hilarious!!! I'm gonna pin you to my Fun Ideas board!!!

  4. Ha! That was great! Nan loved seeing her cousins in their invisibility cloaks! She was wondering if you could make one for her since her mom is NOT very crafty! Ha!

  5. Bahahaha!! Too funny! Love this post!

  6. loved your post how fun , come see me at

  7. Too funny! Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays. Have a wonderful Easter.

  8. That is such a fab post - really made me smile! :)

  9. Where did you get the fabric!!? :-)


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