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Monday, March 12, 2012

Geeky Clock

So my dad is really a math/software programming genius. When I saw this clock on Pinterest,

I knew I had to make one for my dad. I went to the DI and bought a clock with all the fixings for $5
Clock Before (3)
Clock Before (1)
I took it apart, making sure to pay attention to how it goes back together. Then painted it (which would have taken an hour total instead of 3 days if I had spray paint…), and decided to try this method of using parchment paper to transfer inkjet printed writing/pictures. Yeah, that didn’t work for me so well.
Geek clock transfer
You can see the the 1728 worked the best, because I tried rubbing alcohol, but it made it bleed too. So I used the transfer marks as guides, and went through and drew it all in with a Sharpie.
Geek Clock (2)
Geek Clock (3)
My dad started laughing as soon as he saw it, then sat there and figured out all the equations and what-nots. So I guess it was a success! If you have someone geeky you want to make one for, I can email you the PDF for all the equations. That took the longest for me, since I did it all in Photoshop to make sure I got the look I wanted. Just let me know!
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  1. Super geeky cool, love it! Thanks for stopping by Moose Mouse Creations today...I'm following you now too!

  2. LOVE THIS! I almost bought something similar from Target but they stopped carrying it before I got the chance, never even thought to make one!


  3. I would like you to send the pdf because I really don't want to try and attempt doing this on my own, but I do know a math teacher who has a birthday in a little over a week, so I wouldn't mind making it for her. Thanks.

    1. Sorry. The email that I use is


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