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Thursday, March 22, 2012

DIY Belly Band

 Hey, hey!  Let's party again on Saturday!  Get ready for the What I Wore Sunday Link Party.  Show us what you've been up to.  Link up your sewing/refashioned outfits, your handmade jewelery and accessories.  I'll bring the chips and salsa, you bring your creativity, m'kay?!
So fun!
Have you seen these belly bands?
They’re awesome for pregnancy.  They give you a way to wear your regular jeans(unbuttoned) a bit longer, and they’ll hold up your maternity jeans when your baby isn’t quite big enough to hold them up for you!  :)
They’re also fabulous for hiding that strip of belly when you’re GIGANTIC and your shirt and maternity jeans and shirt don’t quite meet up.  That doesn’t happen to you?  Just me?!   Well, anyway, it works for that, too.
Belly bands do more than that!  Wear them when you’re nursing, and you won’t accidentally flash your stretch marks to innocent bystanders!  Am I the only one who’s done that too?!  Thank goodness my childbearing/nursing days are over!  :)
So, belly bands are awesome and they have serve a lot of purposes, but they’re expensive.  Maybe not THAT expensive, but they’re so incredibly easy to make, so don’t waste your money.  ;)
belly band text 
These pics were taken two years ago when I was pregnant with Monkey.  I didn’t take a lot of pics of the process of making them, so bear with me while I explain what I did.
belly band 1
Start with a shirt you either got from the clearance rack, or one you don’t wear anymore.
belly band 2
Cut it off just below the armpits of the shirt.
belly band 4
If you’d rather just leave the original hem, knock yourself out.  I made a ton of these with the original hem.
belly band 3
Fast, cheap, easy, and cute.  My kind of sewing project!
belly band 5
This was taken at about 16 weeks.  I had just busted out the maternity clothes and thought, “Oh my heck.  I am huge.”  I look at this picture and think, not really!  :)
belly band 6
Here’s another picture with a DIY belly band.  This was taken around 36 weeks when I had the issue of “my pants and shirt don’t meet up and my baby belly is just hanging out.”
belly band pink
It was at this point in my pregnancy where people would ask me, “How many do you have in there?!”  I always felt like crying or punching them.  Thankfully I never did either.  I felt like it, though!  :)
Anyway, use up those old shirts and make yourself some belly bands!  :)
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  1. This is so smart! It's so much easier to make your own! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks! I am making all three of these awesome maternity tuts!!! I thought I was done... and now I'm, well... surprised! So thank you. Cuz I've gotten rid of EVERYTHING.


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