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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Refashion a Sweater into a Cardi

Thanks to some busted plumbing and some awful lady problems…blush…eight weeks after Monkey was born, I had to have a Hysterectomy.  Bleh.  That was a crapper. 

Are you wondering what this has to do with my tutorial?  Well, ever since the Hysterectomy, I’m either freezing or frying.  There is no happy medium.  I have an entire drawer full of cute sweaters I haven’t worn since the hack.  I need an easy out for when I start getting too hot.  I decided to turn one of them into a cardigan.  Here’s how.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (3) 

Start with a sweater.  I chose this one because I love(d) it, and because I was interested to see how the turtleneck was going to turn out.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (1)

I cut it right up the center.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (2)

I didn’t have to measure this one.  I just went with the sweater pattern.  If your sweater doesn’t have a pattern to follow, you’ll have to measure it and draw your cut line onto the sweater with a fabric marker.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (6.5)

I selected this stitch on my sewing machine, which is now dead.  Sadness.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (4)

Then all I did was stitch down each raw edge of the sweater with matching thread.  Here’s a closer shot of the stitching.

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (5)

I love how it turned out kind of scalloped/ruffled.  

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (3.5)

Now I have a really cute *new* outfit!  Only…

I’m not leaving the house today.  The heels and necklaces are impractical for packing babies around, folding laundry, and making dinner.  So…

refashion a sweater to a cardigan (7.5)

…back to my running shoes, hoodie and tee shirt it is.  Ahhh…comfort!  :)

But now I have a cute outfit for date night or What I Wore Sunday!!

See how easy that was?  Now you have a fast and easy way to refashion a sweater!  This would work well for a sweater that has shrunk or one that you just want to change up.  You could also embellish it with a zipper, buttons, or ties to keep it closed.   

Happy sewing!  :)

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  1. It's really cute. I too love the way it ruffled and scalloped. The turtleneck turned to collar looks awesome. I had a thick white t-shirt with a small ruffle on the neck and the 3/4 sleeves. I wanted a cardigan so I cut up the center, folded over edges and then, using another white t-shirt, made ruffles up each side. It's one of my favorites!!! I have a black and white striped 3/4 sleeve t-shirt that I'm thinking about.....

    1. Oh LeAnn. Come over for a play date. I MISS YOU!!! ...and I think your newest little gal wants to snuggle with her Auntie! :)


  2. I miss you too!!! We're coming in July/Aug!!! See ya in Yellowstone!


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