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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Let me first start off saying…I have been hunting high and low for something I wanted for a project and finally found it! Yesterday. Woosh. So, I’ll be showing you that, hopefully next week. Here’s a sneak peek…


Okay, now, I mentioned I’m working on my Valentine decorations…Yup, they got put on hold with the searching. Maybe I’ll get to them this weekend? I’m more excited about this project I’ve started. So, they’re on hold, and I’m not super motivated to do them, since most of my decorations and supplies are in…Idaho. Oh well. So, here’s a project I did for Thing 1. When we moved into a rental, she had to move out of the crib (that converts to a toddler daybed) so Thing 2 could have the crib. To make the transition easier, I made her a pretty, new bedspread. We didn’t have money to spend on silly fabric, so I decided to do something a little more sentimental. When she was born, we got 36 blankets. Wow. She picked 2 favorites, and the rest stayed in storage. What a crazy waste! So, I decided to go through them.

I picked out 6 that were the colors of her room…

Avalon's Bedding (1)

Unpicked them all (several nights while watching TV), added a few scraps of flannel from my stash, and started laying the strips out.

Flannel Bed (3)

With help of course.

Flannel Bed (1)

Once I had it the size I wanted, I picked them up off the floor, took them over to the kitchen table where my sewing machine was, and sewed all the strips together. I did them double layers so it would be nice and warm, since she tends to kick everything off! After they were all sewn together, with the seams on top, I went through and snipped all the seams, about every 1/2”. That took FOR-EV-ER! My hand was so cramped when I was finally done! I did it in the car on long drives, and while watching movies/TV. When it was finally done (after washing it so the rag quilt looked nice & soft), she was so excited to put it on her bed! She still loves it, 8 months later, so that’s good! It has helped the transition for all the moves (3 since I’ve made it), which was another reason I made it. Something familiar with all the chaos! I didn’t get to make pretty pillows for it, but hopefully I will now!

Flannel Bed

Now, she has bedding that is warm, and sentimental! A great way to preserve some of those baby blankets you can’t bear to part with!

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  1. Cute quilt! I like to use the old flannel blankets to make burp clothes.


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