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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Psst…It’s Nat’s birthday! Leave her some birthday love!
Sorry, last post was humdrum, I had a case of the mean reds. If you know what I mean (which movie) leave me a comment. We’ll be BFF for life! But, I took my girls to the DI that day, and while I didn’t get any huge inspiration, I did snap out of it, mostly! So, I’m working on several projects and posts, so yeah! But, onto the fun-ness that is Pinterest. Seriously, who could be uninspired from all the ideas? I think it’s probably just harder to come up with something original…Anyway, without further adieu…

This is actually in Etsy. But, man, that’s cute! Gives me some ideas! Plus, those cardis are cute too!

Um, I saw this on someone else’s board and kind of fell in love. I LOVE the colors. Shh, don’t tell the hubsters, I doubt he’d go for it. But, a girl can dream, right? From Better Homes & Gardens

Brought by the creative-ness of Kara Paslay, this pegboard is pretty funky. But I think it’s got some cool potential for a kid’s room or something. Pretty fun, eh?

I thought this was a cute, spring-y take on St. Patrick’s Day, from A Little Tipsy, via Tip Junkie. By the way, I’ve started a St. Patty’s board if you want to see other ideas! Like this shamrock stamp

Genius and why didn’t I think of that all in one! From Lestout
I had another one, but it’s not pulling up, so you’ll just have to wait until I recreate it, since it’s an inspiration idea! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and
Pin It!

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