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Monday, June 17, 2013


This is shocking! I’m actually posting something! Wanna know why I’ve been MIA?


Yeah, I’m expecting #3, it’s a boy, and it’s been rough. I have been nauseous and exhausted, so when I do have a minute of feeling good, I spend it with those cute girls. Not creating or blogging about it. But if you’ve been following along at Instagram (@ashleejuanita), here’s some of the little things we’ve been up to the past 5 months. (yeah, I’m halfway and still sick. Ugh)

Car washes

Rearranging furniture for baby and #2.

Tie wreath for Father’s Day

Mommy School, inspired by I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar.

Camping and fishing.

Finishing up preschool

Organizing/making bins for toys in thing 1 & 2’s room.

Eye checkups.

Sick kids.

More preschool stuff.

Visit Long Beach

Dance recitals


And displaying their works of art with washi tape frames. So I’ll try to post here and there, and hopefully when baby makes his way into the world for Halloween, but don’t count on much. This post took some energy Smile

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  1. Congratulations, Ashley. My #5 is due November 10th. I've had my mid-term ultrasound but the gender results are sealed in an envelope until my husband and son get home from their various activities this week. Natalie says it's a boy...'cause all babies are boys! ha ha We'll see!

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