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Monday, February 4, 2013

Woven Rug!!

What do you do when your daughter wants a Fancy Room (yes, still on that), with a fancy rug? You go shopping for ideas, first.
Target Rug
Furry Rug
These were both rugs that my daughter loved while we shopped at Target. It’s the same trip we got the sequin shirt for her pillow. So I let it marinate in my head while I finished her bedspread. Then I remembered this idea I had seen elsewhere.

I originally saw this idea on Craftaholics Anonymous. It was an idea from Everyday Art. I logged it away in my brain. Then, I read through it and found a non-slip rug thing at Walmart. It was for a 4x6 rug for $8. I cut it half, and then went through my hoard of scraps.
At least it’s organized! By color, and in some cases, by type of fabric (knits, satin, tulles, etc). And I cut 100s and 1000s of strips. All about 1” wide. But, instead of doing them just one tuck under and letting it be, I did different lengths of strips and wove them in through the non slip rug mat. After weeks of watching TV/movies, with my husband thinking I’m crazy (which I am), I finished 2 rugs!!
Woven Scrap Rug (1)
For Thing 1, purples, white, some greens, and turquoise and blue.
Woven Scrap Rug (5)
All scraps, some of it from the bedspread.
Woven Scrap Rug (2)
And Thing 2’s rug.
Woven Scrap Rug (4)
She got pinks, oranges, greens, and white.
Woven Scrap Rug (3)
I kinda love how they turned out. Almost makes all the hours and carpal tunnel worth it Smile FYI they are about 32” by 28”. Almost square, but it works.
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  1. Yea! So glad you gave it a whirl and glad they turned out so cute. :) Thanks for sharing.


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