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Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Okay today I don’t have an outfit so much to show you, but more accessories. I heart accessories. A girl can never have too many, right? Once upon a time, I got lots of crazy jewelry from my aunt. She found it at a yard sale. Bags and bags of clip on earrings, brooches, necklaces, you name it.
Costume Jewelry
Well, I looked through that stash the other day, and found some stuff I thought was awesome, but not as is.
New Jewelry (1)
Look at those yellow earrings. Aren’t they fantastic? I decided to take them off their clip on back and put them on “real” earrings. Done. New piece of jewelry. See the pearl cluster and the purple leaf-y thing? Those were earrings. Missing their mates. They’re huge too, so that seems a little weird on someone’s ears. So the pearls became a ring glued onto a ring blank,  and the purple leaf thing became a brooch with a brooch pin glued on the back. Easy peasy. By the way, for some jewelry, I’ll use my hot glue gun. For others, I’ll use E-6000 glue. See that turquoise rectangle? It was a cuff link. I  don’t need those, and my husband doesn’t have any cuff shirts, so I broke off the cuff part and glued it onto a ring blank. (which was actually an old, flat ring that I got ears ago in the 25 cent machine). Finally, the arrow necklace was on a piece of black wire type stuff, which was all bent out of shape, so I took it off that and put it on a chain.
New Jewelry (3)
There you can see the backs of the rings. I love getting new jewelry, for free!! Oh, and the brooches that I’ve found, you can pin those onto a few necklaces and get a look like this:



or pin them onto a scarf and make your own infinity scarf. Nice!


Yay! Downton Abbey!! Hopefully I’ll finish the season finale today!! Maybe while refashioning some more jewelry…Smile Have a good one!
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