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Monday, November 26, 2012

Coat Tree

How was your Thanksgiving? I really could have used a longer break, personally….Oh well. We got back late on Saturday, and before we started decorating for Christmas, I took a few quick pictures of our Thanksgiving décor. It was basically the fall décor with a few additions.

Thanksgiving Decor (3)

Yeah, there’s a Christmas tree already up…Oh well. Don’t you love the candy corn starburst?

Thanksgiving Decor (2)

Another angle.

Thanksgiving Decor (1)

This is straight on, but it’s blurry because I was not looking pretty so I was trying to hide from the mirror Smile

Wanna know what makes me happy? Fast, basically free, and big impact projects.

Meet our mudroom.

Coat Tree Redo (3)

Okay we don’t have one. This is the total amount of area I have to work with when you first walk into our basement apartment. So I asked my mother if she was using the coat tree from our youth, and luckily she wasn’t.

Coat Tree Redo (2)

It worked, but I decided to give it a little makeover to up the usefulness factor. I took off all the hooks and painted the whole thing black. Then, I bought 2 new hooks for the top, and used the ones that were there down lower, at toddler level. I also added 2 knobs below that for backpacks and dance bags.

Coat Tree Redo (1)

Shoes go in the basket, and are periodically cleaned and redirected to the owners room.

Coat Tree Redo (5)

Then, I added some vinyl letters just for fun, so everyone has a hook.

Coat Tree Redo (4)

Voila! It’s been working great thus far in our small entrySmile

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