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Monday, October 1, 2012


Halloween Button copy
I’m super excited it’s finally October. Every one of my posts will be dedicated to costumes, décor, parties, crafts, and all such fun stuff. I haven’t talked to Nat about this, because she’s still recovering from a tonsillectomy, poor girl. First, before I go any farther, allow me to show you some pictures from Halloween’s past.
Okay, not technically Halloween, but I worked for a company hosting children’s birthday parties, so these were all costumes I put together for our TV appearance, showcasing some of the themed parties we host.
Aah, College. The Howl. USU. Need I say more? Okay I will. A cute Indian, I was a punk devil, 80’s Madonna, um, scary gothic ghost (sorry Lori, I can’t remember what you were?) and my friend up there that’s Tinkerbelle? Yeah, we made that entire costume in about 20 minutes.
Now, our second married Halloween. (the first I was dying recovering from a tonsillectomy. Yeah, 1 month after getting married!) I bought the fur coat at Savers, so I decided to turn the hubby and our puppy into a Dalmatian. Good times.
Neighborhood Halloween Party (8)
First Halloween after baby #1, we’re Poseidon, Medusa, and a cute little Greek Goddess.
Neighborhood Halloween Party (3)
Up closer of that cute baby (with sandals I made just for that night)
Family Halloween 2009 (7)
Here we are as Willy Wonka (Johnny Depp style), Violet Beauregard (spelling?!?), and an Oompa Loompa
Family Halloween 2009 (5)
Had to be careful near the eyes…
We also went to a How to Host a Murder party that Halloween, so here we are as a 20’s couple.
And last Halloween, we are Eugene Fitzherbert, Mother Gothel, Rapunzel and Pascal.
Practicing with her frying pan!
Okay, now that we’ve walked down memory lane, allow me to tell you what’s in store for this month. I will be sharing accessories and costumes you can make for your kidlets while I’m finally making our families. I’ll show you some fun decorating ideas. I’ll help you with your costume questions. And if I can pull it together, I’ll show you all the details for planning a fun neighborhood, kid-friendly Halloween party! Sound like fun? To get things going, leave me a comment or shoot me an email (2craftycousins at gmail dot com) with your costume questions. Need ideas? Can’t figure out how to turn your kid into an angry bird? Want more themes? Can’t convince your husband to be Mr. Darcy? Just send me a comment or email and we’ll do a big Question and Answer about costumes. Sound good? I’m excited!!! So coming up on Wednesday is an easy accessory for you or your kids to wear with their costume, or just for their dress up stash. My goal is to make sure EVERYONE has an awesome Halloween costume, and no excuses like “I don’t sew” or “I’m not creative enough” come up. So make sure to let me know what you want to see and what you need to figure out for Halloween!!

Oh by the way, I’m no where near vain enough to think I have all the answers/ideas, so I’ll be featuring other blog posts to help with each day, so if you have something you’ve done that you want a shout-out for, send me the link to the post so I can include it where it works for our month. Cool?
Halloween Button copy
FYI for the Halloween button I used A Lolita Scorned free font, Matisse ITC free font, and then the following free digital scrapbook downloads that I’ve had for YEARS: paper is ms_MintyFresh, green frame is PL_JP, orange sparkles kate_design_TC_paliette, orange ribbon is SummerDriggs_OwlAlwaysLoveSpring, and spider web is KimGehring_LittleGhoul.

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