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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

See how they grow

I did the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge in August. It looked like this:

I used My Memories suite (posted about here) to showcase all of my pictures from August. I did them all! Can you believe it? I can't. 
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On to the project for today:The other day, I was thrifting, and spotted this. It was lovely. It was $3. I bought it. It was a little bowed, I’ll grant you, but you can’t buy nice wood like this for that cheap (and the vinyl), so home it came.
Measuring Art (1)
The idea is really simple. A piece of wood, 5 feet tall, with nice routed edges, and then painted a color, mod podge paper rectangles around, and vinyl a ruler up the middle. Simple. So, I ripped off some of the papers that were coming off anyway, and mod podged other paper on top. I covered up the name of the previous child that was vinyled (I’m making up words) on, and just made sure all the paper I added was something other than blue and brown to make it more gender neutral and cutesy.
Measuring Art (2)
Voila! It’s hanging in the girl’s room now, and we had a fun night of putting our measurements on, including their size when born. Now, it moves with us when we leave next, and I just need to patch a hole in the wall.
Measuring Art (3)
Polka dot wall art how to here. It turned out fun and was super cheap, so bonus!!

Measuring Art Close (4)

We used little labels to write the name & date on so we knew how tall little ones were. I’m paranoid, so you don’t get to see their names. Sorry!

Measuring Art Close (1)

Cute vinyl saying was already on there.

Measuring Art Close (2)

Measuring Art Close (3)

Both my girls were really close to the same size when born…That’s what those stickers show. I know there’s a lot of different versions, but this was my $3 version. They love it!

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