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Friday, September 28, 2012

DIY Face Mask

First off, sorry I’m not doing the top  this week. I wanted to do this post instead. Second, my hubby finally got his birthday present this week. I preordered this off Amazon and gave him the receipt for his birthday. It’s finally here! It’s actually ridiculous price right now. It’s the same cost for the 4 disc combo pack as it is for the 2 disc combo. I mean, duh, right? Anyway, we’re excited to watch that again.
Now, for my super quick project…. Have you had a morning where you have places you HAVE to go, and your kid decides to develop a little cough during the night? I’m not talking contagious or anything, just an irritant. Well, that happened this week. So I decided to hurry and make up project. If I had these on hand, I wouldn’t have needed to

Anyway, I whipped these up super quick, and the girls liked them, so I thought I’d share them.
DIY Mask (1)
For the outside of the pink one, it measures  4 1/2'”x 10”, and the inside layer measures 4 1/2” x 7”. I cut those out. I did 2 layers since I figure it will catch more crap that way. I don’t know if the disposable ones are or not, but it made sense to me.
DIY Mask (4)
And pleated them both to be about 4 1/2” tall, then it can cover more if needed,
DIY Mask (5)
And then pinned them together, sewed them…
DIY Mask (6)
Close to the edge, you can see I used the inside of my presser foot to stitch around.
DIY Mask (7)
And then decided to finish off the edges using bias tape.
DIY Mask (8)
Unfortunately, I only had single fold bias tape, so it wasn’t very wide and kinda tricky to get it on there just right. But, it works! Then, I cut 2 pieces of 7” elastic and sewed it on the sides (about 1/2”-3/4” from the edges) for the ear loops. As soon as Thing 1 put hers on, Thing 2 wanted to wear one. So I made another one, and for the little one, the measurements were 4 1/2” x 8”, and then 4 1/2” x 5” on the inside. I had wide single fold bias tape for this one, and it was TONS easier. I did the same 7” piece of elastic there, and then they both were wearing them all over. They loved them! I figure it’s a little more green since you’re not throwing away disposable ones, it’s definitely cuter, and they’re washable!
DIY Mask (9) copy
Aren’t they so cute!? The girls, not the masks…. If you don’t think it’s a hygienic solution, that’s fine. It worked for a pinch with us, and I made them in the time it took them to eat breakfast (we all know that can take hours…)!
If you’re making them bigger, I just measured above the nose to the chin to get the 4 1/2” tall, and then just made sure mouths and noses were covered for the width.
What do you think? Should I have just left well enough alone? Would you use something like this? Have a great weekend!
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