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Friday, August 3, 2012


Okay really first thing, is look at these awesome necklaces at Plaid Barn today?!?!

They sell for $50 usually, but you can get them for $20!!! Seriously, and they have black, coral, lemon and turquoise. Run over now and get one!!!

First off, I just started watching Downton Abbey season 2. I’ve only watched the first episode so far, but all I have to say is I don’t like that hoebag Mrs. Bates and hope she chokes on a chicken bone. That’s all. On to the fun stuff this week!

Okay, this month, I’m going to do this. I do like 3 days total every other month since I found Instagram, but I’m doing it this August. I’m doing this challenge over at Fat Mum Slim. If’n you want to join the fun, tell me your instagram id. Mine is ashleejuanita. I’m still figuring all this out, but I’m excited! So far, I’m 100%! (yes, I realize 3 out of 3 isn’t huge, but it’s better than my other odds!)

Really, does Ana White need an introduction? She’s amazing. I wish I were even as cool as her pinky finger. But I’m not. But how cool is this closet storage? Use the door and build a rack right on it!? Sweet.

You may remember Nat and I guest posted on Family Ever After’s blog, right? (here if you forgot) But Rachel ended the series with her awesome-sauce project that I need to make ASAP before our Bear Lake outing next week. Isn’t she cute?

This is one of those that I adore, but I know it ain’t happening with the hubsters. The colors, the textures, the fabulous mirror, *sigh*. It’s from Gracious Home via Southern Charm. Just love the coral!

K I have a love for Anthropologie, and Kara Paslay used to design their window displays, and shares some awesome-sauce pictures from a California store. Just so fun and inspiring!
What fun stuff did you pin this week? Are you following along with Nat and I? Leave us your user name and we can join you on Pinterest too!
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