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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fab Friday

I’m scrambling around right now to get everything ready for a weekend trip up to Idaho. Mainly I’m trying to have enough crap to occupy 2 kids on a 3+ hour drive, both ways. Uphill. In the snow. I hit up the library and Target’s dollar spot, so hopefully (knock on wood) things will go well. Right this minute, I’m making one of these for my oldest.

She’s got really straightforward instructions, and I’m almost done! Over at Super Jenn. Mine are free because I have more fabric than any one person should really have.

Next, I’m hoping to make some of these for the car drive.

I’m hoping the novelty of cool crayons will make coloring cooler. Plus, they won’t roll and get lost like regular crayons. I hope. Over at Suenos encantados.

Okay, so other great stuff I saw this week….It’s mostly food. Sorry. That’s what’s on my brain right now, I guess.

I have an absolutely favorite blondie recipe over at Smitten Kitchen, but I may have to give this one a try from Our Best Bites. Pretty soon, I think.

Pretty sure I need this book. So, anyone who wants to get me an early Christmas present, here’s what I want!! Over at Amazon.

I am ree-di-cool-ous-ly excited for Halloween. Always am. I love it. I already feel behind because I haven’t figured out what our family will be this year. But, these pumpkins over at Be Different Act Normal make me so happy. Yeah! I figure I can start easing out Halloween décor the beginning of September, right? Smile

Anyway, I’ve gotta hustle and finish getting my crap together. Wish me luck on the driving!!

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