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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

USPS Envelope Reimagined

Okay, on this post, I gave the basic how-to for this method, but here’s another look at it.
You know those envelopes you get that feel almost like plastic-y fabric? Well, they are. It’s called Tyvek.

Tyvek melts cool. My sis-in-law was showing me this stuff too. Basically we cut it apart like the picture up there, and painted it.
Tyvek Art (2)
With a sponge just for funzies.
Tyvek Art (6)
I cut apart the colors, and layered them on top of each other. I put some sheers and organzas between the layers too. I was keeping it all with pinks, blacks, silvers, and whites. Then, I sewed all the layers together with a crazy stitch.
Tyvek Art (8)
That’s the under side. I labeled this as no-sew because you don’t have to sew it. I just wanted to try it for the looks.
Tyvek Art (1)
See the layers? Then, she showed me how she irons it with parchment paper so the stuff doesn’t get on her iron, and melts pieces here and there. I also tried with the heat gun just for fun. Here’s what it looked like when it was finished.
Bobbin Art (1)
And the back…The black fabric didn’t like melting as much as the other fabrics. It was a thicker satin-y fabric, and had a very high melting point, unlike the rest of the stuff.
Bobbin Art (3)
Then, I decided I wanted to turn it into usable art for my sewing room.
Bobbin Art (6)
So, I  grabbed a frame from my thrifting stash (what, don’t you have one too?!)
Bobbin Art (4)
Used the backing to trace some cardboard…
Bobbin Art (5)
Double layers of cardboard and hot glued them together
Bobbin Art (2)
Then took them outside on the weeds to spray paint. Nice foot!
Bobbin Holder (1)
Hot glue the cardboard to the back of the frame….(doesn’t the frame look so cool now? I almost went a different color and glaze the details…maybe later!)
Bobbin Holder (11)
And then hot glue the crazy art on top of that
Bobbin Holder (10)
Hammer some nails in where you want. Can you see them?
Bobbin Holder (8)
How about now?
Bobbin Holder (7)
There. That angle worked. I have places for 15 bobbins…with potential for more if I really need them.
Bobbin Holder (3)
Here’s where I’ve been keeping them up til now:
Bobbin Holder (6)
Notice the broken one, and the ones that hang down farther than they should? Only 3 worked….Not helpful…
Bobbin Holder (5)
Nestled in by some empty wooden spools I couldn’t throw away (from my grandma), with my view looking outside! (though it does give off an awkward glare)
Bobbin Holder (4)
By the way, just so I don’t get in trouble….Should probably use the mail you get, and not go steal a bunch of Tyvek envelopes from the USPS. Then they’ll have to raise prices on stamps again, and I don’t want that on my head!
Bobbin Holder (2) copy
And voila!
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