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Monday, February 13, 2012

Tie Me Up In Knots

Just to let you know, I did make those doughnuts I told you about on Friday, and they. were. good. Like I had to force myself to stop. I love old fashioned cake donuts, and these were amazing! They were almost a fail because the recipe was wrong! But, I left a comment asking a question, and it turns out, it was written wrong! So I think they’ve fixed it. But, man, yum!
Today’s post is a quickie. I don’t know who of you can even use it, but I did it for my daughter, and hopefully it will help….Lately, she’s been focusing hard on trying to tie knots. It’s pretty cute, cuz she’ll sit there for 5 minutes working on a loop, tongue sticking out, and then she’ll finally make something tie with all the twisting she’s done, and she is SO EXCITED! So I thought I’d whip this up for her to give it a practice. It doesn’t even deserve a tutorial, it’s so easy, so I’ll just show you the finished product:
Tying Knots (1) copy
I took some cardboard (not flimsy like a cereal box…this was the back of a drawing pad of my mom’s) and punched holes in it with a Clikit…(a handy little tool)

Printed off some pictures on the web of how to tie a knot and bow from here. Cut them out, glued them down, and then put in ribbon in the holes…
Tying Knots (4)
I used thicker grosgrain, 1/4” satin, 1/4” grosgrain, and bakers twine, so she could try different widths and types, and we’ll see which is easiest for her. I did most of them with 2 colors so it would be easier to tell what she was doing. I tied square knots on the back and taped them down. By the way, the 5/8” grosgrain ribbon and the bakers twine are both purchased from Pick Your Plum. Today they have cute photo pendants…So fun!
Tying Knots (5)
I also melted all the edges of the ribbon, and used clear nail polish on the twine so they wouldn’t fray.
Tying Knots (2)
Then they went to town!
Tying Knots (3)
Maybe I should have made two?
Tying Knots (1) copy
By the way, you’ve seen Natalie’s entry for Sew-vivor, and I’m working on mine, but do you know what it is? It’s a sewing competition that everyone can enter during the month of February, and they have giveaways and such, and then there’s a competition with judges for the top 10. It sounds like fun, so go here to see other entries and read the rules! It should be fun, and if you make it in, we can cheer you on, and if we make it, you can cheer for us! There’s some great judges and prizes, so what have you got to lose! Just follow along the fun if you want!
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