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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Jewelry Board



Guess what!  I got my new sewing machine and serger! 


We’ve been spending a lot of time together these past two days, and we’re becoming GREAT friends!


They’re so smooth, quiet, perfect, sigh…I am in love!  :)

Speaking of love…

I live with all boys and I love it.  But, being the only girl in my world of men has made want to be more girly.  Jewelry is one way to do that.  It can really add a lot to an outfit and your mood!  :)

I love Lia Sophia jewelry, but not their prices.  One of my friends had a party, and I decided to have one, too.  I got tons of free jewelry…just nowhere to store it.

jewelry board (1)

My father-in-law built me the jewelry box on the left about seven years ago.  Santa Claus brought me the jewelry box on the right when I was nine.  Both of these boxes have sentimental value to me, so I’ll never get rid of them.  I just needed some other way to store my jewelry.

The Hubsters came up with this ingenious idea:

jewelry board (4.5)

I took an old cork bulletin board we had laying around and spray painted it black to match my bedroom.

I hot glued some cute buttons onto thumb tacks to hold my jewelry onto the board.

jewelry board (2)

jewelry board (3)

This project took less than 30 minutes to complete.

jewelry board (4)

I hung my board on the wall, then hung my most worn jewelry on the wall in my bedroom.  My other jewelry boxes are still full, just not as cluttered!


This was a fun, fast, cheap, and easy project.  I ended up switching out the thumb tacks for clear push pins.  I am short and hung the board a bit too high.  It’s easier to hang necklaces and earrings on the push pins. 

I love that this is functional and adds to our bedroom decor.  We just remodeled our bedroom.  I should do a post on that one, too.  Hmmmm….signature nat

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  1. In our old house I used to hang all my necklaces from the hand towel rack. It's was a perfect for the job but we don't have one here. I've been thinking of taking a few of my thrifted picture frames and hanging them on the wall and just sticking push pins into the wall. Great minds think alike.

  2. Great idea! My bracelet holder is constantly overflowing.


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