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Monday, January 23, 2012

That shirt doesn’t even fit you anymore!

I’m kind of a nerd. It’s true. Pretty much I love Pop Culture references. Maybe you’ve noticed? I have comebacks, references, and trivia from lots of movies, TV shows, music, and books. I think most of my posts have reference to something of that nature. If any of you know what the title is referencing, I’d be COMPLETELY impressed! Leave a comment with your guess!

Okay, I have a really quick favor to beg, I mean, ask of you. Remember here when I told you a little about myself? Well, there's a giveaway to SNAP! the conference here. And I'd really love it, appreciate it, kiss you if I could, if you'd go over and vote for me. I'm number 8, and you can see our family picture. All you have to do is click "vote" under my name. Please!!!! I'd love you forever!

Looking online, it isn’t hard to find t-shirt skirt tutorials. I looked at several myself. But, they were all made from a Man’s 2XL shirt, or they used a woman’s shirt to make a little girl’s skirt, or they made a mini skirt. That didn’t fit with what I wanted to do. So, here’s my version…

T shirt Skirt (6)

I have an aunt who periodically gives me BAGS of clothes, shoes, and other stuff, that has been worn once, maybe twice. In the most recent batch, there were 4 brown long sleeve shirts. I already have 2 that I like, so I was daydreaming of what to do with these. 2 of the shirts were the exact same shirt, one size different. I decided that since my brown skirt is somewhere in Idaho (more about that here), I should make a new one. So I did!

First, I cut off the sleeves and around the shoulder seams of the 2 shirts I was working with.

T shirt Skirt (11)

By the way, something is really weird with my camera settings. Out of 50+ pictures I took, approximately 9 were not blurry. I need to look into it, so I apologize…

T shirt Skirt (16)

Anywho, you can see 2 sleeveless shirts, and a pile of 4 sleeves. I pinned the 2 shirts together, since they aren’t the exact same size, to line them up better.

T shirt Skirt (17)

I chopped them just below the lowest neck line, so they were all the same length.

T shirt Skirt (18)

Then, I lined up the ruler to cut off as little as I could of the sides, but get a straight line.

T shirt Skirt (19)

I cut off any extra seams that were left, and had 4 almost-rectangle panels. A trapezoid, right?

T shirt Skirt (20)

I kept the bottom of the t-shirts to use for the bottom hem. I lined all of those up and sewed them together, making the body of the skirt.

T shirt Skirt (4)

If the skirt was long enough at this point, I would have just sewn a waistband on the top, or shirred it and called it good. But, I wanted it at least 4” longer. So, I cut the sleeves on the seam lines,

T shirt Skirt (21)

cut them into straight rectangle pieces, and sewed 2 of the sleeves together, to make the waistband.

T shirt Skirt (2)

The thing is, the sleeves aren’t cut with the stretchy fabric going the right way. So you really need to measure your waist, and make sure the band will go around your hips and waist. You can also just sew it and see if it fits…

T shirt Skirt (1)

Yeah, notice the Rolling Stones? My oldest, when she was 2, kept sticking her tongue out at me one day. I couldn’t figure out why. So I kept asking her, and she finally pointed at my shirt…Hee hee.

Anyway, I lucked out that it was pretty much the perfect size of waist band. So I sewed the last 2 pieces of sleeves together, sewed them to the other waistband pieces, and made a yoga-style fold-over waistband.

T shirt Skirt (16)

I stitched the fold on the side seam lines, just so it would stay in place. Then, I sewed a gathering stitch around the top of my skirt, and pinned it to my waistband, matching the seam lines and centers. Sewed it all together, took out the basting stitch, and voila!

T shirt Skirt (11)

I have a finished, comfortable skirt made from 2 shirts bound for the thrift store. The cool thing is, you could do this with several different shirts and come up with a really funky or cool skirt!

T shirt Skirt (7) copy

I wore it yesterday to church with my ruffle-y shirt!

Finished T-shirt Skirt (4)

Warning…It seemed VERY static-y thanks to Ol’ Man Winter, but a slip underneath helped with that!

Finished T-shirt Skirt (3)

If you do one, I’d love to see it!

Remember, go vote for me here!

Now, what to do with the other 2 brown shirts….

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  1. you are WAY TOO crafty with a sewing machine - i love it! all i can do is sew a straight line; wait, i can't do that either. but i TRY... ahah.

    aaaand... VOTED! good luck :) i've read many awesome things about SNAP!

  2. Everybody's gotta know the title is from Friend's after Rachel and Ross breakup and she gives some stuff back, so now he wants his FRANKIE SAYS RELAX shirt back!

    I'm also enjoying all your tutorials, I just found you today....from somewhere when I was cruising for DIYs and Tutorials to pin!


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