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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sleeping Bag for Baby

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No?!  What are you waiting for?  Don’t you like FREE stuff?  I promise if you win the cookbook, you won’t be disappointed.  In fact, I’ll wait here while you enter the giveaway.




Back already?!  See?  That was easy!  Now onto today’s tutorial.  It isn’t mine, and I can’t take credit for it, but it was life changing for me and my Babesters!

I love the Make It and Love It website.  Ashley’s got so many great ideas.  I read this post and knew I had to make one for my little man.


Click on the picture for her tutorial. 

I made a couple for my little guy.

wearable blanket for baby (1)

Guess what?!  He LOVES them!

wearable blanket for baby (2)

It keeps him and his cute little toesies nice and warm.

wearable blanket for baby (3)

He laughs when I put it on him.

wearable blanket for baby (4)

As soon as he’s all zipped up, he wants his snuggles.

wearable blanket for baby (5)

The first night he wore his “sleeping bag” he slept for 13 hours straight.  It was pure bliss. 

wearable blanket for baby (1)

Something else I love about these “sleeping bags?”  They didn’t cost me a dime.  I picked the zippers out of a few blanket sleepers that were too small.  I chopped up a few fleece blankets we had on hand.  Sorry, Grandma!  

It was a fast, easy and free project.  Perfect.  My only regret?  Why didn’t I think of this when my oldest was a baby?  I could have used these for all five of my little guys!  This would have (and will) made camping SO much easier! 

So, go grab some fleece you have on hand or go buy some, and whip up a few of these little “sleeping bags” and help your baby sleep warmer!

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