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Monday, January 30, 2012

A quickie project, and a guest post….

So if you’ll remember my Fab 5 Friday post from, well, Friday, I mentioned I was going to try my hand at a no-sew vest. I’m not sure if I can pull off the look, so free is ex-scell-ent (in Mr. Burns voice…) I had a long and lean tank from my stash of waiting-to-be-refashioned clothes, and this is what it became, with a snip-snip-here, and a snip-snip-there…(my 3 year old got up last night, around 3 AM, and insisted I needed to tuck her back into bed, singing Ol’ MacDonald Had a Farm…I may be a little crazy…)

Vest from Tank (2)

So, I already had a few of these, so I cut up the sides of the tank top

Vest from Tank (4)

Then cut off the armpit part to make it a smoother, straighter line

Vest from Tank (6)

Then laid it down to see the difference between the front and back necklines

Vest from Tank (10)

and cut off the rest of the seams and bindings, making them all even

Vest from Tank (12)

and then put it on! Literally takes minutes!

Vest from Tank (14)

here’s what it looks like in the back…

Vest from Tank (16)

I still don’t know if I can pull it off, but I can always use the fabric for something else in the future!

Vest from Tank (18)

Vest from Tank (13) copy

By the way, I’m guest posting over at Live, Love, Craft today for Alyssa. She does some AWESOME photography things that I need to learn! Come see a fun Valentine’s Day Craft/Décor!

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