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Friday, December 30, 2011

Fab 5 Friday

Okay, this has been a crazy week! Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Christmas! We had a nice one, with the fun of watching a 3 year old and 17 month old tear into presents, and just keep wanting the next one to tear, rather than the toys!Smile Cute little stinks. Anyway, after dinner on Christmas, we got to work (I know, not cool) putting Christmas away, decorations away, and packing up clothes and such. We did take a break after an hour plus, and relaxed watching a movie I hadn’t seen…The Corpse Bride. I love Johnny in all his reincarnations, be he animated or not. Smile Monday, my hubby had to go and fix something at the business we own, while I took apart the baby’s crib, and spent the 10 degree morning loading up our Honda Pilot. (love that car!) I filled it literally to the brim, minus the baby’s car seat, that you can barely make out in this picture:


We put my other child’s booster seat in my hubby’s car, and when he got his stuff done, we loaded up his car as much as possible. Just another picture to see how full my car was.


From the back, opening the trunk.


My hubby’s was just as full, but it’s a little 4 door car, and I didn’t make it over before they got it started unloading, but just realize it was FULL. 5th time moving this year. So why all this fun? Because my hubby got a new job, so we had to move in with my parents, moving from his parents, (oh boy, don’t get me started on our hectic life. I’d rather just forget 2011 as a year). Originally, we were going to have the week to move, but as Natalie mentioned in her last post, our grandpa passed away, so we had to get moved in before the funeral, on Tuesday. Makes for a bit of a crazy Christmas! Whew, we’re moved in, and have just the bare necessities, until we figure out a couple more things with our life, then we’ll get our own place and the rest of our stuff, currently residing in Idaho.

On to the fun stuff! So we know I have a major LOVE for Pinterest, right? Well, just before Thanksgiving, the silly site decided I didn’t have an account, so I couldn’t log on. After a month of wanting to rip out my hair, I finally got it to work yesterday! YEAH!!!! I’m back in the game! So here’s my fabulous-ness from this week! This was one of the first things I pinned, but it’s awesome. I made some again yesterday:

Yes. Homemade Ice Cream. Without a machine. With just 2 ingredients. Oh baby. The instructions are here. I’ve made it twice. Over the summer we had a crazy raspberry patch in our rental house, and I made ice cream with graham cracker chunks, cream cheese, chocolate chips and fresh raspberries. Delicious. Last night, I made their cinnamon roll version. I tried a teeny-tiny spoonful this morning and it was also. Delicious. Go make some. You need whipping cream and sweetened condensed milk.

As soon as I have my own place again, I am absolutely starting this. Organized home challenge. Having moved so many times, and usually in just a few days, our stuff is a little bit messy. Plus, even though we have downsized every single move, we could still do it again. I was clicking through it for awhile yesterday, you know, after I got back into Pinterest!!!

I think this is such a cool idea. Using a regular ol’ L bracket to make a literal book shelf. Imagine some cool vintage cookbook as a shelf in your kitchen! Or something equally awesome!

This just makes me happy. I mean, why shouldn’t your laundry room be beautiful? We know how much time we spend in there! Seriously though, a chandelier?!?!? Love!

Finally, another happy thing. They didn’t have room for a full out sewing/craft room, so she used a closet. Isn’t it brilliant, and lovely!? Seriously. I cannot wait to have my own place again. It’s been over a year of shuffling around, and Pinterest has not helped Smile

As always, if you want to come follow me & Nat on Pinterest, our buttons are on the side. If you don’t know what Pinterest is, go look at this. If you want an invitation, leave us a comment or email us with your email and we’ll get you one! Have a fabulous weekend!

By the way, if you're looking for some ideas for New Years Eve, go look at my board for it here. I'm sure I'll be adding more throughout the day too!

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